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January 2nd, 2011

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relation between various submissions and search engine optimization

May 28th, 2010

once your URL address becomes a part of some reputed directory then fortunately you are soon suppose to rise in reputation or links with the search engine and ultimately more and more crowd at your end. So RSS submissions, directory submissions and search engine optimization are linked or related to each other and the crowd parameter. Thus crowd is the relation between various submissions and search engine optimization.
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search engine reputation and crowd at your end

May 5th, 2010

the reputation of the directory you are a part of is very important to develop a link with the search engine. Your links are improved further if your directory blesses you with the one sided links. It is your directory only that can bless your name with fame when searched by the search engine. So better is the reputation of search engine more is the crowd at your end. That is how search engine reputation and crowd at your end are related.
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January 29th, 2010

A perfect title to the website is very essential as title is the one which gives the first description of the web page you have created. Ranked is every page online so in order to gain popularity it is very essential to gain a better rank. A perfect title would be the one that any searcher of information can get into his mind and type it out to the computer. For a successful business one should choose a title for his web page which perfectly describes his business.
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January 13th, 2010

web based business definitely needs to have access to search engines for excelling. No wonders the speed that is provided by any one of the search engines is enormous but they lag back in updating their information from time to time as the updaters are none other than humans except those looking for particular information. A computer as said in every book needs instructions to work and hence whatever the typed inputs are if not correct can also return into wrong results.
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Blogging SEO

September 16th, 2009

Articles can become dated and stagnant; blogging provides a fresh perspective and due to the frequency of updates and often hot topic relevance, the spiders are regular visitors reporting back to the database of the search engine. Applying the following rules to boost your blogging SEO; Linkbaiting – use exciting, enticing titles; include blog keywords in your title – for relevance; use H1 tags – for stylizing the blog title; link to other blogs – invite a reciprocal link and provide archives – essential for hitting hot topics that might be in older blog material but have extra relevance now.
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Tried And Tested SEO Techniques

September 9th, 2009

Enough businesses have been operating on the web that their success and use of SEO reveals tried and tested techniques. Include the following for superior SEO: Meta Tags – to categorize your site for search engines; Page Title – for information; Content – that matches the page title; H1 Tag – use the page title keyphrase (only one H1 per page); Naming Webfiles – use keywords and only hyphen don’t underscore; Sitemap – so you can be found by search engines; Robots File – to keep search engines out of specified areas (beware hackers though); Error Handling and Image Optimization – using the ALT tag.
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Creating A Google Adsense Page

September 3rd, 2009

Creating a Google Adsense page uses five fundamental elements; create the page, content, page copy, links and traffic. When creating the page consider the coding standards: name of the page – (keyword.htm.), title page – use the keyword, meta tags – include keywords in your meta keyword list and a description in the meta description tag, H1 – use your keyword in stylised H1 tags and utilize CSS to ensure visual consistency. Familiarize yourself with content from similar popular sites and write your own original unique copy that is relevant to your content; create links and generate traffic.
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Automated SEO

August 26th, 2009

As more businesses have developed and SEO is more familiar to site owners, back-end content management systems (CMS) with the capability of managing properties that include Meta Tags, Page Titles, Page Names, Site Maps and CSS Stylization will become more prevalent. With website creation and its editing now made easy through templates such as MicroSoft Front page and Macromedia Dreamweaver site owners are expecting more. Knowing what is entailed in SEO and having CMS create the pages only requires thoughtful selection of keywords for page naming structures and inserting those values.
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What’s In A Link Campaign?

August 19th, 2009

A link campaign is an important marketing tool for any competitive business on the web. There are two types of links to form, Reciprocal Links and Inbound Links. An inbound link is one where another business points visitors in your direction from their site; you have no obligation to return the link. Inbound links might come from places like directories, free or paid. Reciprocal links are by invitation for mutual benefits; eg if your site sells outdoor sports wear an appropriate reciprocal link might be with a sports nutrition drinks business; visitors can link to one site from one to another.
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