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Automated SEO

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

As more businesses have developed and SEO is more familiar to site owners, back-end content management systems (CMS) with the capability of managing properties that include Meta Tags, Page Titles, Page Names, Site Maps and CSS Stylization will become more prevalent. With website creation and its editing now made easy through templates such as MicroSoft Front page and Macromedia Dreamweaver site owners are expecting more. Knowing what is entailed in SEO and having CMS create the pages only requires thoughtful selection of keywords for page naming structures and inserting those values.
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What’s In A Link Campaign?

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

A link campaign is an important marketing tool for any competitive business on the web. There are two types of links to form, Reciprocal Links and Inbound Links. An inbound link is one where another business points visitors in your direction from their site; you have no obligation to return the link. Inbound links might come from places like directories, free or paid. Reciprocal links are by invitation for mutual benefits; eg if your site sells outdoor sports wear an appropriate reciprocal link might be with a sports nutrition drinks business; visitors can link to one site from one to another.
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Getting To The Top Of Google’s Rankings

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Keywords are the cornerstones of ranking success, relevant and appropriate and tied to unique content on your site through products, articles and blogs. If your site lacks this it might be viewed as possible spam or irrelevant content. Your keywords also have to be the sort of words or title your visitors would type in a search and are popular, for a minimal fee the Google Wordtracker tool can be used for a day in order for you to find the best keywords in your sector or you can download free software for the same purpose. Get it anchor linked to your site and a good link campaign should get top results.
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Search Engine Failings Are Only Human

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Search engines are extremely important tools for conducting business on the web. Despite the speed at which they function they are dependent upon the information typed into them to find the best-matched results for the browser. A computer search engine cannot read minds; it must have explicit instructions in order to operate effectively. Alternate spelling; hyphens, plurals, singularity, mistakes, funky phonic or graphic spelling can affect the results returned and this can cause disparity between the typed input and the returned results so close proximity is essential in keywords.
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Search Engines Only?

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Following the ‘Florida Update’ when Google’s new algorithm to combat Googlebombing and the company’s effort to influence SERPs more to relevancy linkage rather than content providing leverage, Craig Nevill-Manning, Google’s Senior Research Scientist, commented: “I apologize for the roller-coaster. We’re aware that changes in the algorithm affect people’s livelihoods. We don’t make changes lightly.” Can a web business being managed without search engines? Yes. Are casualties of filters making change? Yes. Keep your marketing eye on more than one method of attracting customers.
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Article or Blog?

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

As both articles and blogs contain unique content that is relevant to the site on which it appears, the search engines do not differentiate between them and do not merit one over another. Articles and blogs are informative pieces of writing though their styles differ and it is the perception of the reader that will determine their influence upon sales made/orders placed as a result of reading them. Articles tend to be perceived as more authoritative and unbiased and more suited to promotional activity and blogs as more fresh, frequent and personal with inside information being transmitted.
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