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Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

web based business definitely needs to have access to search engines for excelling. No wonders the speed that is provided by any one of the search engines is enormous but they lag back in updating their information from time to time as the updaters are none other than humans except those looking for particular information. A computer as said in every book needs instructions to work and hence whatever the typed inputs are if not correct can also return into wrong results.
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Blogging SEO

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Articles can become dated and stagnant; blogging provides a fresh perspective and due to the frequency of updates and often hot topic relevance, the spiders are regular visitors reporting back to the database of the search engine. Applying the following rules to boost your blogging SEO; Linkbaiting – use exciting, enticing titles; include blog keywords in your title – for relevance; use H1 tags – for stylizing the blog title; link to other blogs – invite a reciprocal link and provide archives – essential for hitting hot topics that might be in older blog material but have extra relevance now.
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Getting To The Top Of Google’s Rankings

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Keywords are the cornerstones of ranking success, relevant and appropriate and tied to unique content on your site through products, articles and blogs. If your site lacks this it might be viewed as possible spam or irrelevant content. Your keywords also have to be the sort of words or title your visitors would type in a search and are popular, for a minimal fee the Google Wordtracker tool can be used for a day in order for you to find the best keywords in your sector or you can download free software for the same purpose. Get it anchor linked to your site and a good link campaign should get top results.
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Why Search Engines Fail

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Most of us while typing something into a search engine think that the search engine knows what we look for. A computer could just do what we ask it to do, so that’s why we may not obtain the results that we are looking for. You should provide with as much details as you can during your search. The main objective of the search engine is to find relevant and accurate results to the person looking for the information. You will get more accurate effect by adding extra relevant phrases. Even writing a word in a singular or plural form will distort the search results. Some words are even more complicated. Adding extra spaces and symbols will also influence the results of the search.
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